Friday, February 24, 2012


Thanks for visiting our site! Wanted to give a quick update to fill everyone in on our current status. We're in the process of refining our route, learning new languages, and making a detailed list of all of the equipment we think we'll need. We're also trying to find sponsors for the trip, as well as donations for our two charities (links are on the right!). The flights are all booked, and our teams' registrations are paid in full, and we have a giant novelty mustache to attach to one of our cars. 

We're also working through the visa process, which is a giant mess of paperwork, crying, and then more paperwork. We're using The Visa Machine, which has been incredibly helpful and I highly recommend them. 

If anyone in London would be willing to take a car for a test drive and kick the tires, let us know! We've never bought a car from thousands of miles away, having someone to take a look would be hugely helpful. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We're officially on the hunt for donors and sponsors! Currently each team member is bombarding their social media connections with musings of future glories and begging for money - "Just Click Here to Donate" plastered everywhere. So please, donate! Besides that, route planning is coming to a head, we're starting to fill out forms, and the website is nearly done.