The Charities

Between the two teams that make up The (Bare) Bear Boxers, $2000 will be raised for the official Mongol Rally charity and one of the team's choosing.  A minimum of $1000 will be raised for each charity.

Lotus Children's Foundation: VirginMoneyGiving
Himalayan Cataract  Project: JustGiving
Or, just send us some money to help us on our way!: Wepay

From: Lotus Children's Center
The official charity of the 2012 Mongol Rally is the Lotus Children's Center. 

From the Lotus Children's Center website: "The Lotus Children’s Centre is a Mongolian non-profit, non-government organisation working with vulnerable children and families to provide the basic human rights of shelter, food and education. We care for up to 150 abused, orphaned and abandoned children at any one time. Initially set up to provide basic needs for survival for just a handful of children in one apartment, Lotus has developed a kindergarten and a primary school to provide educational foundation, and is developing vocational pathways for employment opportunities.

Our goals are:
To provide primary care to all of our children, including food, healthcare, clothing and accommodation.
To provide the children with developmental care so that they can break free of the poverty cycle. As such we aim to give each child a quality education, counseling, self-esteem building tools and access to life skills.
To provide the children with support in their ‘post Lotus’ lives so that they have a safety net and are able to find employment and tertiary education placements."

Description of the Mongol Rally partnership.
Donate: VirginMoneyGiving

From: Himalayan Cataract Project
The official team charity is the Himalayan Cataract Project.

From the Himalayan Cataract Project website: "The Himalayan Cataract Project works to eradicate preventable and curable blindness through high quality ophthalmic care, education and the establishment of a world-class eye care infrastructure.

Two intrepid ophthalmologists, Dr. Sanduk Ruit and Dr. Geoff Tabin, started the Himalayan Cataract Project to fulfill their personal goals of eradicating as much unnecessary blindness in their lifetimes as possible.

Drs. Ruit and Tabin have proven that hospital quality standards can be applied in poor areas lacking electricity and clean water. Their inventive approach and dogged perseverance made what 20 years ago was considered impossible – possible.

Today HCP reaches the most unreachable patients wherever its services are needed through a combination of:
Teaching ophthalmic care at all levels,
Furthering specialized care through training and skills transfer, country by country,
Establishing self sustaining eye care centers, and
Performing sutureless cataract operations in 6 to 7 minutes, at a low cost, with excellent outcomes."

Donate: JustGiving