Friday, May 15, 2015

Convertible+Bald Eagle+Turboprop+Alaska=burning the crap out of your leg

Monday started so well, after leaving Haines it seemed like picturesque day to leave, with the sun out, the top down... As I was leaving the town I passed the airport, and a turboprop was landing just off my left, while a Bald Eagle soared just overhead, I'm literally not making that up. After a very scenic drive along the Chilkat River, and then through some high altitude snow capped peaks, it was back to the normal Canadian wilderness. Driving through the US, the geography is occassionally interrupted by desert, mountains, monstrous cities, but I feel like the variation is somewhat less drastic in Canada. 12 hours of driving can be very monotonous.

While most of travelling is seeing incredible new places, meeting new people, trying new things, and everything that people glorify it to be, sometimes you spill boiling water on your leg after 12 hours of driving, and go to bed hungry and cold. Monday was such a day, and I'm hopeful tomorrow will be better. I'll meet some new friends and catch up with old ones, and my if my destination tomorrow wasn't what it is I would probably be more discouraged. That said, sitting on a couch with some delivery pizza and binge watching Netflix sounds pretty enticing at the moment.


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