Monday, May 18, 2015

Tuesday, I've been looking forward to Tuesday. I visited a place a lot of people have been pointing me to, the Liard Hot Springs. On the way I saw some wild buffalo! The only other time I had seen some in the wild might have actually been on Catalina Island, so it's neat to see literally herds of them roaming around Canada where they're actually indigenous.

Once I get to Liard, I arrive to an empty parking lot, and walk the long boardwalk across a marshy landscape until I arrive at a small building. The hot springs are a set of two pools, on one side are the steps into each pool, a wooden overlook and some changing rooms. Besides that structure on one side the hot springs are entirely natural.

I step in to the right side, and it's burning hot. Apparently the farther right you go the warmer the temperature. I start on the left side, which turns out to be the most natural side of the springs anyway. It's incredibly relaxing, and just about the perfect thing for me at this point. There's a small back channel to explore, the spring's water level is set not by a stone or concrete wall but what appears to be a glorified beaver dam. The bottom of the pool is entirely natural rock and dirt. It's an incredibly relaxing place, and after spending way too much time there I decide to book it for Fort Nelson, setting me up to get past Prince George the next day.

Along the way, I notice a car stopped on the side of the road. This generally means they're tourists looking at something. I think it's probably another buffalo, but I'm surprised to see an enormous Black Bear! I've never seen one of them in the wild either. It would be the first of at least half a dozen I would see on the drive to Fort Nelson.

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I decided once I got to Fort Nelson to just find a campground in town, it was getting late and I wanted to charge everything up anyway. 

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